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Calcium Aluminate Complex - CAC725

CAC725 is a calcium aluminate complex made from the reaction of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and aluminum to obtain a special designed cross-linkable filler aqueous dispersion, which is used for application in the NBR glove manufacturing process. It acts as a crosslinking agent to function with carboxylic acid of nitrile elastomer chain and can also form a high density ionic bond to improve the modulus, strength, wearing durability and water resistance, where no sulfur and accelerator are required in order to reduce type IV allergy risk.  It also acts as filler and can be added in nitrile latex up to the total amount of 40phr in order to save raw material costs without causing any filler side effects such as pin holes, lumps and sedimentation that is found when using other conventional fillers.


  1. User friendly and simplify compounding process.
  2. Safe to use. Do not contain any protein, solvent, plasticizer, styrene, formalin and other substances, which may cause allergic or carcinogenic effects.
  3. To produce higher quality gloves without flow marks and without problems of less sticky gloves.
  4. Reduce excess consumption of process stripping agent, former cleaner, leaching water and chlorine.