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About Us

Twolink Sdn Bhd is a chemical company supplying value added chemicals for rubber gloves and other latex-related manufacturing process. We are among the first that have successfully invented (patent pending) and marketed the filler suitable for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) gloves, in which the high filler load method will reduce the cost of NBR latex used during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, our crosslinker chemical (patent pending) functions to improve the quality of the gloves while providing a cheaper overall cost during the manufacturing process since no sulfur and accelerator are needed for chemical compounding process when using our cross linker chemical. At Twolink Sdn Bhd, we also offer project consultant service to our client in the manufacturing of different or special rubber gloves for various industrial uses. We provide new technology and know how transfer process for the manufacture of gloves such as process energy saving, chemical usage saving, zero sulphur and zero accelerator added gloves, high filler load methods for the NBR gloves and etc. Our company philosophy is to address the industry challenge and continuously improve the manufacturing process by providing simplicity, quality, and cost effective solution.