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  1. Tengo que decir que a pesar de que competía con una maravillosa Zaragoza….. me alegro por vosotros, teneis un entorno envidiable y muy completo. Enhorabuena!!!Bss

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  3. VaÅ¡a otázka súvisí s obmedzením príjmu. Nakoľko ste evidovaný na úrade práce, ste aj zdravotne poistený. Tiež ste invalidný dôchodca, z čoho vám plynie, že nie ste povinný platiÅ¥ zdravotné ani sociálne poistenie – lebo tieto poistenia má každý dôchodca – invalidný aj starobný. VaÅ¡e obmedzenie príjmu je z dôvodu evidencie na ÚPSVaR, a teda možnosti sa zamestnaÅ¥ v chránenej dielni podľa zákona 5/2004 zákona o zamestnanosti. U vÅ¡etkých evidovaných nezamestnaných je horná hranica príjmu 139 Eur mesačne. Andy

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  8. Yeah, I have one pair of tights I rarely wear because they are annoyingly pocketless. A few just have the itty bitty front pocket that doesn’t close. A definite design flaw – doesn’t everyone need a place to safely stash a key?

  9. but, thanks to the translation of the koran in dutch by Kader Abdollah, she now understands that with infidels, the koran just means “pirates at sea”.Which would make it sounds like “Kill the pirates at sea wherever you find them”. He-he-he

  10. Frank as it is in every country´s politics, Only those fight for some cause who are well fed in their belly and few inches down.Bus conductors, pilots and nurses etc. fight only for their wage hike.Let me know..where you stand?From those to whom much is given, much is expected!

  11. The Vision has never been, nor will he ever be, an alien. He is an android (or synthezoid, if you prefer) who was brought to life by the Avenger’s size-changing member Ant-Man nee Hank Pym with brainwave patterns based on those of Wonder Man. He does not sometimes chill with the Avengers… he IS an Avenger.This moment of geeky nitpickery has been brought to you courtesy of my shit social life.

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  14. Un ejemplo más de que sólo la solidaridad de los trabajadores es nuestra única esperanza contra los explotadores que siguen en manejándonos. Esa sigue siendo nuestra lucha. Un saludo!

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  16. Peggy DieuJanuary 29, 2010Jon and Jenny,Just want you to know that we are praying for you guys. We love you and know that God does work miracles. We will Pray and Pray! Love you! Aunt Peggy

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  20. Not me – I would love to have been Jewish. So much easier than Catholic/Greek Ortho. Just as much guilt I guess though. In college, I was a shiksa. My college was about 80 percent Jewish. Finding a boyfriend whose parents would think me suitable was not easy. On the other hand we got a lot of holidays off and we had Kosher in the Cafe.

  21. The world knows about this now. Valley Swim Club's email and voicemail will be saturated by morning with emails and calls from thousands of miles away. We do not approve.

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  27. HELLO!!!!! I have cushion envy! That is absolutely stunning! By the way, please can you come and teach an English Paper Piecing class somewhere near me!! Maybe at The Eternal Maker please?! Thank you!

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  30. Dollars aren’t anonymous, annie. Donors to politicians don’t tuck their dollars in an unmarked envelope. They come with large, conspicuous tags. The donors make damn sure the politicians know who they are and what they are buying with their dollars. Over half the political contributions to Democratic politicians are Jewish dollars and openly given as Jewish dollars. And this is why Congress does things like unanimously denouncing the Goldstone report. They know who gave those dollars and what they are for.

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  32. Hej du söta,Härliga höstbilder!Jag hoppas också på fortsatt sol, för i morgon skall vi arbeta med sten i haven. En större terass skall anläggas.KramMia

  33. I'm doing a drive by on this b/c I need to be studying, but you see what I'm doing! LOL2. Poetic Justice3. Best Man8. House Party9. Waiting to Exhale10. Love & Basketballps. not sure if I told you already or not, but I 'moved' so I'm now

  34. Ueeehhiiiii 500000 visite complimentissimi… ^_______^Io sono arrivata tra i primi/prime, seguendo il malefico tastino "leggi il blog successivo", a scrivere i miei commenti da ochetta giuliva (che ti credi, lo so, ma ci gioco pure un po'), mi piace come scrivi, come disegni, come pensi etc etc, faccio un lavoro molto diverso dal tuo (sto in una redazione di un giornale che MAI nominerò), scrivo da Vercelli, ho un blogghetto scemo quanto me che non aggiorno mai… che altro?Ah sì, come dice Matteo: gran bella compagnia!!Baciii

  35. I love your site and I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks to you my family will have an amazing ramadaan. Your site has become referrence point for all things “somali food”. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  36. he was born in Kenya. What if this guy were found, claims he was there and corroborates her story? Two witnesses testify to the truth…Barack would be finished. If this is the case, isn't it convenient they found him right here before the election season heats up?

  37. I assumed you were petite when I first came across your blog because you have a similar 'build' to me so I assumed you were probably similar in height. I also thought the same about Diya from In Her Stilettos, but she too is really tall!I realized from your group photos that you were taller than I had thought..I think we assume by measuring against ourselves but also people in relation to other things, your bookshelf for example.

  38. Your sister’s tree is indeed magical! She must enjoy stringing the lights — that is my least favorite part of decorating the tree. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial and the beautiful end result.Merry Christmas!Debra

  39. Dude, Us OBOTS Are out to get you. we don't give a rats ass if O is ineligible. We WILL cause you to bring civil war version 2.o to us. We WILL end you.

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  41. Ian, that is GREAT!! We plan to arrive and set up camp Thursday afternoon. Cruising about Louisiana and getting some bike maintenance done before hand. Hanging out with Skip Harrison for a couple of days too! See you there – ride well. Tad

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  44. Other than agreeing with Sharon, I can only say to you that you have very poor reading comprehension skills. This post is about the American people and their reactions to 9/11. We aren’t interested here in your pet theories. Go peddle them elsewhere – at least today.

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  46. oh my, i was just humming that exact song in your title whilst biking like a maniac. mere coincidence? i think not.well first things first, that dress is uhm AMAZING. damn good buy on your part. you serve jackie justice.and secondly (in response to your comment), yes yes we should exchange links. i am linkering you now. and i am kicking myself for not doing so previously. xx

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  50. YAY!!!! Congrats to you and also congrats on getting your voice heard. I think that writing things like that will help people who are not sinlgutionary or spinsterlicious to start thinking about being single in a different way. And that will help single people feel less like “misfits”. This is fantastic news! Great job!

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  56. I work full time and am heading back to school. Does anyone have meal planning ideas that will allow my boyfriend to handle dinner (preferably just heating something up) with some variety and ease? I have a crock pot that I love to use but I know that if I cook something for him to eat all week long, the same thing, he will get board and just get burgers or pizza.Thanks in advance.

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  58. Næmmen harrusettpÃ¥makan – der dukka det sannelig opp en sang om Lillestrøm! Det var god service, Merel. Takk. :)(og det er helt riktig, det med Strømmen og at det kunne vært verre)

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  60. I really enjoyed your post. I am now sixty-seven and I have had many of those moments.God is so good. He doesn’t make all the changes at one time but keeps it a little at a time. God bless you.Glenda Parker

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  62. the military option is on the table or not is irrelevant. Under no circumstances would Obama EVER engage in any type of military action against Iran. It’s just not going to happen — ever.The Iranians know Obama is soft and Gates knows the Iranians know Obama is soft.

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  67. do not believe the polls or the 90% support, whatever! that’s pure bunk. our black neighbors are not stupid. they see right through this guy and don’t like him or trust him anymore than you or I do. Don’t be naive and believe these polls.

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  69. What are you stating, man? I realize everyones got their own thoughts and opinions, but really? Listen, your web site is cool. I like the energy you put into it, specifically with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

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  73. I hope Jen has a fabulous Summer! Nothing like fresh air :)Cannot wait for the online shop to open — I bet many, many orders will be piling in right away!xoxo

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  77. Congrats on being listed on the Wall Street Journal today. That’s I found you. Also, thanks for the felt easter bunnies tutorial. I will post this to my blog. I think my reader will love it.

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  82. Chris Trott / Well, actually, my behavior does not harm anyone else and i don't really care what you think. My only opinion is that what you're wearing in your profile picture is blasphemy to me–but your other views don't really matter to me. Someone who murders someone else is causing harm to another person and thus it can't be equated to homosexual behavior because that harms no one else because it's consensual. Obviously, murder is not. Is that a unibrow too?

  83. I'm a hideous packer – I take EVERYTHING! You seem to have it down to a fine art. I'm envious of your suitcase and your holiday! Have a wonderful, wonderful time. xx

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  85. wahahaha. pare panalo to. dami kong tawa. true to life ba to? wahaha. piz.di ko alam bakit naekspek ko yung ending mo. lol. nahukay ko ata ang iyong isip. lol

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  88. Yes, the Cathedral’s architect did make that argument — that he had included abstracted, deconstructed hints of the Spanish Mission style. And if you stare at the Cathedral for ten minutes, you can, indeed, make out those remnants. Whether the congregation will get much from this is another question. (To be fair, the interior is serene.)

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  421. Thanks for the plug, JK. Inspired by reading all those Spinetingler submissions over the last couple of years, TFA decided to try a short crime story himself. This was his first short in three decades, based on a day spent at the gun range with MWA/NY authors. He loved that Beretta.

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